Thursday, August 11, 2011

Links of Interest to Homeschoolers

The Poll at the top of the blog asked what you request in future posts. You requested homeschooling resources and I am listening.

I've gone through all of my computer files to find the links I used and favorited over the last 5+ years. There are a lot of great websites for homeschoolers and I've tried to organize them below. (With so much cutting and pasting, the formatting is all off, please forgive.)

Visual learning, I have always been drawn to that modality and my children seem to be as well. I see these links and videos as another way to layer information into their minds. They enjoy the change of pace when they see I've assigned some computer time for their day. I hope you find the time to check these out. The magnitude and quality of these resources is overwhelming! Never been a better time to homeschool!

It occurs to me that a clever mom could craft a nearly free homeschool curriculum out of this list. is not an exhaustive list. There's MORE out there! Did I miss one you really recommend? Put it in the comments! Let's make this list as extensive a resource as possible.

Some of the sites will be familiar to you, some new and, as noted, certainly some missing. I hope the missing ones are your well-known blogs and links,that you already have bookmarked and that here you find something new to delight and inspire you. Back to school time is approaching, may these resources encourage and invigorate you!

So, here's my opus, friends. Now I've really gotta get up and walk around a little.

*SITES THAT COVER ALL CLASS SUBJECTS* - MacBeth's recommendations
Learning videos
More daily everything (9th MODG sci) is for everything, too!

*BLOGS & HOMESCHOOLING WEBSITES* - homeschooler of 20 years
there are many, many more....

Annenberg Art Appreciation Class





much Math help can be found at the general sites at top of list

Daily Grammar Lessons and Guide to Grammar and Writing

For Elementary age spelling

Writing helps

Thesis Builder -

Spelling Rules

200 Most Commonly MisspelledWords

*MAPS/GEOGRAPHY* - we luv the States and Capitals DVD

Atlas of Classical History
Europe map for MODG 8th
Ancient Persia and
Ancient Greece and
Map of Roman Empire
Maps of Paul's Missionary Journeys and
Europe, maps thru the ages

and map games
States & Capital Games -!

*BOOKS TO READ ONLINE * and (9th grade MODG) - Online Catholic Reader

MORE Catholic readers here,


*SCIENCE* - Science reading recommendations aligned with Catholicism
Astronomy picture of the day
Creation vs. evolution

Science Songs - The Elements - periodic table - anatomy!threadID=GS1hK7NJn0jI/BDR6uZQoQpZne-_ok Science Interactives BEST! Periodic Table of Videos! - MODG Catholic Science & Faith Blog
Muscles: - how muscles work
and how many the body has and what they do
Brain: - click on
a lobe to learn about the locations, functions and parts of the brain. - for older kids who are learning about brain,
specifically geared toward the senses.
Eye: learning about how the eye works and how it can be compared to a camera
More links about the human body~ - basically for advanced science learners or
Highschool Students learning about the systems of the body.
for upper grades here is an interesting game for older students to play to put
their knowledge to use~
and also this one for sports medicine and using lessons learned about the
anatomy of the body in a fun way~ is a tour of the human body for middle school students
and up. this site has been posted about before,
the Virtual Body but is a good reminder. - this site is for exploring about the body
for ages 11 and up
All Atoms
Chemistry: Periodic Table and More
Cool Chemistry - Science Experiments For Kids - Activity TV
General Chemistry Online
High School Chemistry Teachers
My Chemistry Tutor
Teach yourself Chemistry
The ChemCollective
The Comic Book Periodic Table of the Elements
Multimedia Chemistry animations
Chemistry Comes Alive!
Science READS - subscribe to video experiments

(Of help to Mother Of Divine Grace students)

Ocean Science (9thMODG)
Geology Rocks (9th MODG) and
Earth Science (9th MODG)
foldedmountains - and
Land & Sea Breezes and

Water cycle - and video -

Cloud formation -


Sound in the Sea

and sensory methods

Underwater locamotion

Ocean Floor - Website - -

Ocean Currents - Great slides -

Weathering & Erosion slide presentations and


*HISTORY* - found interactive Christopher Columbus learning here, but there's so much more, like

Here's an EnchantedLearning for instance,again Christopher Columbus - Stories of Great Americans for little Americans
5th grade History Reading and workbook - Stories your child can listen too! This one on Lewis and Clark's Expedition and there are many others!

Study Guide to Adam of the Road, to help Moms with discussions

Civil War book suggestions -

Uncle Tom's Cabin

Helps for Moms, Herodotus The Histories

Helps Mom discuss Door In The Wall

Helps Mom with The Amulet

Anthony& Cleopatra Help
Antigione Help (10th MODG)
Plutarch Help (10th MODG) and
Plato's Crito Help - (10th MODG)

Video on the Battle of Plataea

Elementary movies of Early America History
On this Day in History

11th grade MODG St. Thomas More
Movies and Literature related to historical timeframes - historical movies, by year
Oregon Trail -
Age of Exploration timeline (MODG 4)
Explorers Activities + Quizes 4)
Teach History with Movies
American Revolution
Ancient Rome activities

*LITERATURE* - studying Beowulf this year? Click on B.
Help with C. S Lewis Mere Christianity - and

Shakespeare helps, No Fear Shakespeare -


Destruction of Sennacherib
Henry V - Speech - Eve of Saint Crispin's Day
Tomorrow, MacBeth - and notes on it
The Tempest act 5 scene 1-'Ye elves of hills, brooks,
The Lake Isle of Innisfree read by Yeats and


Bible notes
Apologetics links -
Catholic coloring pages - Advent Coloring Book
Catholic Kids site

Younger, for reading
Learning thru the days of the year
Educational games 1st grade - 3rd
Games -
Littles, Handwriting :

Vowels and Silent E's:


About Studying and and and

SAT - and other testing and

Learning Styles test and

Math Assessment Tests -

Reading Assessment Tests -

Standardized Test Prep - and and

Grade Level Help
By State By Grade Standard
Typing and keyboarding games -


ART - Getty Museum games


Video sites for Mom to navigate and
Homeschool Freebie of the Day
Learn a language, FREE, online

Traditional Catholic Radio -
Field Trip - Vatican,

Again, please add to the list in comments and I will update. I expect to make lots of updates....